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The Ultimate Field Service Tool

Field management has never been easier. FieldRover provides the platform for collecting the information from the field, being able to action that, all without having to go back to the office.

In-field wireless updates

With FieldRover, you can change your data requirements remotely at any time - the system instantly sends your data request from the server to mobile clients in the field. Product updates couldn't be easier: they are delivered straight to the mobile device via Appleā€™s infrastructure.

Work anywhere, anytime

FieldRover is designed to work in environments with limited or no connectivity - so wherever your job takes you, you can keep working. As soon as you're back in telecommunications range, your data is synchronised and backed up. Robust software architecture gives you peace of mind that your data is stored safely and securely.


Ability to share within your companyNoYes
All other featuresYesYes
Monthly subscription fee$49/Month$39/Month
One-off setup fee$0$200

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Where can FieldRover be used?

Safety Auditing

Inspection checklists, safety walks, lockout procedures, contractor appraisals, and more can all be encoded into FieldRover. You can be out on a site, check all the safety equipment is in place and that everyone has the appropriate PPE, tap submit, and you're done. A PDF report is then automatically generated. If you find any problems, raise a notice and create a record on the spot.

Defect Management

Reduce errors and increase efficiencies when managing defects. FieldRover presents clear, consistent and precise data options within drop-down lists, so that your team can build a consistent defect register faster than ever before. See our defects mini-site for more reasons to use FieldRover as your defect management tool.

Maintenance Inspections

Need to inspect oil and levels in the main gear box? Check fasteners for correct tightness? Find out if the starter cables are frayed? Use FieldRover to check your equipment and then raise an in-field work order if you find a problem.

Other Uses

Whether you're completing an audit, checklist, notice or form, FieldRover allows you to collect rich in-field information with speed and accuracy. Download now to see for your self or contact us today to find out how FieldRover could help you.

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